Kishan Patel


Grad Student & Full Stack Developer.

  • DOB: 28 July 2000
  • Website:
  • City: Chicago, USA
  • Degree: Master
  • Email:
  • Academics: Graduate Student

I am a graduate student pursuing Computer Science at the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago. I am a Full Stack Developer with experience of 1+ years in Android development, Web development, and Cloud Development having worked at Doubtconnect an Edtech Startup. I have also founded Learn Bytes a platform to learn Android Development for college students, where I have tutored students to learn Kotlin and create scalable android apps. I have also started various developer communities to help and assist students interested in technology to meet other like-minded students and help advance their careers. I am very passionate about solving problems and creating scalable products. I Love to take part in Hackathons, I have mentored at HackHarvard 22, CalHacks 9.0, Dubhacks 22, and KU HackFest 22.

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I have a wide range of technical skills, which I have developed over the years through various projects, full-time jobs, and coursework. I am proficient in 10+ programming languages. I am an expert in Web, Android, and Server Side Development. I am also highly skilled in software engineering and project management. I am always looking for ways to improve and expand my knowledge, and I am excited to take on new challenges and opportunities.

Web Development 85%
Android Development 100%
Node.JS 75%
Cloud Development 80%
Project Management 85%
Communication 100%
Kotlin 80%
GIT/CLI 100%


I also have a comprehensive portfolio of projects I have completed, including Web, Android, AI, and Server-Side software applications, databases, and data analysis. I have built Android Apps from scratch, created Web applications for client needs, and created and maintained a cloud server for a leading Edtech Startup. I have also worked on several projects for my university and won many hackathons.

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